As your trusted and proven expert for armed maritime security solutions, our corporate officers make a personal commitment to our clienteles interests. It is our mission to maintain the very best asset protection methods and deploy the very best in trained personnel. With mission focus we are leading the way in safeguarding the offshore Oil & Gas industry and protect the companies who keep our international supply and distribution chains moving; it is that simple.

Leadership & Management

James Kane
Owner & Managing Director

James is the managing director, founder, and owner of Oasis Security Group. Over Sixteen years of police law enforcement experience with a large metropolitan police department has given him the knowledge to assess and handle a wide variety of situations from a security standpoint. Throughout his career he has been tasked to handle many high threat critical incidents. These incidents range from in progress life threatening events to protecting high value assets and personal protection. Oasis believes that real life experiences combined with continuous training in the areas of investigations, operational planning, and weapons safety, usage, and the liability attached will aid greatly in providing a much needed service to the shipping and travel industry. Mr. Kane also holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Criminal Justice.

Don Albert
Marketing and Logistics Director

Don is the Marketing and Logistics Director at Oasis. Mr. Albert has a broad Strategic Planning and Marketing background in a number of business sectors. He has worked around the world and started several businesses. Mr. Albert holds two Engineering degrees from Virginia Tech, an MBA from the University of Wisconsin, and is an Army Combat veteran.